Louis and Stephanie : Northbrook Park, Surrey



Compliments of the Season…..Merry Christmas in advance, this year has gone faster than Usain Bolt at the olympics. It has indeed been a lovely one, as I break for the festive season, here are some images from the wedding of the lovely Stephanie and Louis.

The wedding was beautifully planned and co-ordinated by justasplanned, and like always this year, I was supported by the very able and wonderful friend of mine Earl Ferguson of Fergies Studio.

Louis and Stephanie are blessed, they have the most amazing people around them and I am very positive they will have an amazing marriage. I truly enjoyed the day, from the mannequin challenge to sharing laughters with the very beautiful brides maids.

Louis and Stephanie, I wish you the best love story yet.

Music / Angel / Robin Thicke

(someone mentioned I should make a wedding playlist, should I?)


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